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Posted: July 30, 2012 in Justice and Fairplay, Pussy riot, Russia, UN
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Fredom of speech is, or ought to be, a right to be enjoyed by citizens of the world. I know that this is not the case but it is how it should be. In the UK we are generally lucky. I may have petty squabbles with those who lord over me, but I am at no real risk of imprisonment or worse for saying something they disagree with.

In Russia it seems, this is not the case. The politically incorrectly named Pussy Riots remain in custody following a protest which involved singing songs in a cathedral which contained profane language. Apparently the women were protesting at the Orthodox Churches support of Putin. Their crime, the profanity and approaching too close to the alter.

The Kremlin seem to have interceded and prevented the women obtaining bail.

So while the Oligarchs bleed the country dry, organised gangs pedal drugs and prostitution, the state seeks to exert it’s undue influence over a trial involving three young women. But that’s OK because it’s a democracy isn’t it? They had an election after the constitution had been changed by Putin’s chums to allow him back in office.

Here is a link to the article I read;


Of course Putin is one of the people blocking any assistance, through the UN, to the people of Syria. Surely it is time the UN changed it’s voting protocol, one nation one vote. No veto and work off a straight majority.

Oh dear, politics again.

  1. It’s not just politics, is it? It’s the big three, politics, sex and religion. Now while I don’t agree that you should face seven years in jail for dancing and singing lewd songs in church, I think there are other ways to make a point. With a stupid name (you knew I would say that) and extremely provocative behaviour they were set on getting the headlines. And they did. But with that comes a risk….. I’ve only read your link so I know no more about it. Why didn’t they have a group of men dancing in church with an equally sexually suggestive name? A nice group of LGBTQs perhaps?

    I might add quickly this is not to support Putin, merely to point out that sensational publicity stunts come with a price.

    • I do not disagree with a single word. I think the ring leader’s husband is staying at home to look after the four year old. I don’t know much more but they must have understood the risk, they live in Russia! It was just a nice little link to carry on from my apology yesterday I thought, are we becoming more like a totalitarian regime that pays lip service to democracy, I couldn’t possibly comment, but come the day sister I will be on the barricades ;o

      I was worried that your lefty leanings had got the better of you and that you were going to pin up a half naked picture of Vlad with his kalashnikov.

      On reflection, maybe the girls did the protest because they knew the west would have more sympathy.

      • I think the UK became a totalitarian regime with a few PR gestures to democracy a long time ago. So I left. Because the people – OK not you – support it.

        Actually Vlad didn’t look too bad when he did his famous pecs pic. He could have been an extra in a James Bond film.

        Girls. Hmm. How old are they? Aren’t they women? They look as though they are. I think you are right about western sympathies, and it also gives the band more publicity too. If that’s the sort they want.

        My personal middle-aged view is that they are naive. I can also imagine an exceedingly boring discussion with them about how they say they are reclaiming the word ‘pussy’ for feminism and therefore it is ok, without realising the impact they are having. Reclamation of negative words is a false concept IMO.

  2. couldn’t agree more, now I have thought about it, bit like black people calling each other the N word. Bizzare but I find that offensive!

    I used the word girls, sorry so many different words to choose from ‘I do get confused miss Dianne’

    Strange that I know the characters, I have never watched a soap in my life. I suppose it’s years of Mike Yarwood and people besotted with the screen persona of actors constantly on the box.

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