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The Pussy Riot have been found guilty, the sentence has been passed. Putin‘s Russia is being portrayed as descending into a Stalinesque condition.

I have mentioned the Pussy Riot before. Not being religeous it doesn’t particularly bother me that they did what they did in a church. I can see it would upset believers. But whatever happened to turning the other cheek?

To quote from CNN:

‘While their actions outraged many of Russia’s faithful, their high-profile trial prompted international concern about freedom of speech in Russia.’

The piece, which can be found here:

appears to be broadly supportive of the girls. I wonder what would have happened if a similar protest had taken place at a similarly holy site in the US? I specifically exclude Native American holy sites because we know how they have been treated by the whites over the years. No, I am talking specifically about a WASPish or Catholic house of worship. In my bones I feel the result would likely to be the same.


Fredom of speech is, or ought to be, a right to be enjoyed by citizens of the world. I know that this is not the case but it is how it should be. In the UK we are generally lucky. I may have petty squabbles with those who lord over me, but I am at no real risk of imprisonment or worse for saying something they disagree with.

In Russia it seems, this is not the case. The politically incorrectly named Pussy Riots remain in custody following a protest which involved singing songs in a cathedral which contained profane language. Apparently the women were protesting at the Orthodox Churches support of Putin. Their crime, the profanity and approaching too close to the alter.

The Kremlin seem to have interceded and prevented the women obtaining bail.

So while the Oligarchs bleed the country dry, organised gangs pedal drugs and prostitution, the state seeks to exert it’s undue influence over a trial involving three young women. But that’s OK because it’s a democracy isn’t it? They had an election after the constitution had been changed by Putin’s chums to allow him back in office.

Here is a link to the article I read;

Of course Putin is one of the people blocking any assistance, through the UN, to the people of Syria. Surely it is time the UN changed it’s voting protocol, one nation one vote. No veto and work off a straight majority.

Oh dear, politics again.